Driver goes wrong way on highway after being cut off by other driver

July 26, 2013 2:21:40 PM PDT
39-yearold Donato Sangemino tells Eyewitness News he had to do something on Wednesday when the driver of a blue Toyota SUV clearly took his own extreme measures.

The driver was going the wrong way on the Westbound side of Veterans Memorial Highway in Holbrook, just so he could taunt Sangemino, who had a few choice words of his own during the experience.

"He is sitting there, and he starts, so I just flipped him the bird," said Sangemino.

It all started on the Eastbound side of the highway at a construction merge, an easy place for drivers to show courtesy - or not.

"As I am ready to merge over, the guy wouldn't let me in," says Sangemino.

Sangemino then gets in front of him, inspiring the road rage.

"He goes swerving around the cones, around the construction," Sangemino adds.

Still, police say there is a way to handle this type of situation - using your cell phone while driving is on the list of what not to do.