Rex Ryan photo with Jets fan goes viral

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan and fan Joseph Grinwis, wearing a "This Time Makes Me Drink" shirt, pose for a photo in Cortland, NY.

July 29, 2013 8:08:34 AM PDT
A chance meeting between a New York Jets fan and coach Rex Ryan has produced a viral photo.

Rex Ryan and his coaching staff went out to the Dark Horse Tavern in Cortland, New York on Saturday night and bumped into Joseph Grinwis, a lifelong Jets fan.

Grinwis was wearing a t-shirt that reads "This Team Makes Me Drink" at the time, but he walked up to Ryan anyway hoping for a photo.

He said he told the coach how much he loved the Jets. Grinwis told Yahoo! Sports that Ryan looked at the shirt and laughed.

"He didn't make a comment. He just laughed," Grinwis said.

He said that Ryan was appreciative of his support and that he made a 3-hour drive from Wantage, New Jersey to training camp.

Grinwis tweeted the photo and watched it go viral overnight, with variousr sports and news organizations picking up the story.

For fans hoping to get their own "This Team Makes Me Drink" shirt, Grinwis says he purchased it online at Crosstown New York, which is selling the shirt for $20.