Fox that attacked little girl in New Jersey tested positive for rabies

July 30, 2013 2:24:42 PM PDT
A fox that attacked a four-year-old girl in Lakewood, New Jersey has tested positive for rabies.

She will receive a rabies-prevention treatment for 14 days and officials will closely monitor her condition.

"I heard screaming" said Eli Abad, a neighbor.

Eli Abad showed Eyewitness News with his hands how big the wild animal was that terrorized his young neighbor on Saturday.

It was a blondish red fox, one common in the area.

The child had been playing in her backyard with her mother she told the Lakewood Police the fox came out of nowhere, scratching her daughter arms and legs with its sharp claws hard enough to draw blood.

Animal control was also on the scene according to Lt. Steve Allaire.

He was unauthorized to speak on camera but told Eyewitness News they were attempting to put a snare around the fox's head when it became vicious and a police officer fired twice to put the animal down.

The fox died at the scene.

Sightings like this are rare though and foxes aren't known to attack.

Kids were inside or behind fences in the neighborhood and many parents said they'll be extremely careful while their children play outside.