140,000 ladybugs released in Central Park

July 31, 2013 2:29:29 PM PDT
Central Park is being inundated with 140,000 ladybugs in places like Shakespeare Garden and the Wildflower Meadow by the Reservoir.

Tens of thousands of volunteers deployed just after sunrise at the reservoir's Wildflower Meadow, these workers so small, passerby's did not notice.

Insects that one by one are adored were downright creepy in their bag by the thousands.

The made to order red lady bugs are being dispersed to kill Central Park pests.

These Lady bugs eat aphids which are basically the vampires of the plant world - they suck the sap out of flowers.

Park workers scouted out locations with plants in need and spread out the ladybugs. The insects joined others like milk weed bugs as a natural, preventive step - the other alternative to protect flowering plants would be using chemicals to kill the aphids but that would bug park goers!

Maria Hernandez says the lady bug will have 5 generations of offspring in just one season and they eat 50 to 300 aphids in just one meal!

Ladybug eggs take 7 to 10 days to hatch - so aphids, consider yourselves on notice.

Keep in mind there are 300 species of ladybugs in North America, Maria Hernandez suggests you do your research before you start importing ladybugs into your garden.