You can visit the dentist at the airport

(dr.trager is a dentist at the airport)

August 1, 2013 2:41:27 PM PDT
It's happened to all of us, missed that flight, had a long delay or layover. What to do? How about go to see the dentist...look at the faces.

Here's proof, there really is a dentist?here at JFK.

Dr. Robert Trager is also the official dentist at LaGuardia Airport. Cleanings, tooth aches, broken dentures...he's seen it all.

"You get a call a plane is in transit, we have a passenger that has an emergency," said Dr.Trager. Like the case of the little boy and the luggage.

"He was playing around and the carousel went off and spun around and knocked a lot of his teeth," he said.

It's not just passengers. The airports are like small cities, with thousands of workers who sometimes have no choice but to come here.

"Baggage handlers, a bag will hit them in the face; someone working on a plane will slip and fall, unfortunately a lot of incidents where teeth are involved."

And so his staff is used to getting a lot of last minute bookings and cancellations. This setting can be challenging. Like when the Concorde was here. "The engines were so loud, the office windows would shake, it was unbelievable."

To put patients as ease, Dr.Trager speaks 6 languages. "If someone speaks Arabic I'll say ....'give me money' and they can't believe it."

And he has a sense of humor about of all of, how can you not?

"We get letters thanking us, the fact we're here and it's convenient and they really appreciate it."