Anthony Weiner says he's not sexting, in the Mayor's race to stay

August 2, 2013 3:25:00 PM PDT
If you think Anthony Weiner's considering dropping out of the race for mayor of New York City, think again.

"The Daily News doesn't want me to be Mayor. The New York Post doesn't want me to be mayor. The New York Times doesn't want me to be mayor. A lot of political elite in this town don't want me to be mayor. And that's why I say I should be mayor," Weinberg told me during an interview on Friday.

Last week, Weiner confirmed he continued sexting long after he resigned from Congress and after a warm and fuzzy People magazine story from last summer. His sexting problem back then "seemed" long gone.

"Well, a lot of people say I can't believe you just did that again. It was a year ago," he said.

Weiner claims he warned everyone that someone like Sydney Leathers might come forward on their own. She did.

"What all your viewers are seeing now in the headlines, these were things someone had about a year ago. And they're releasing it now. 40 days before the election," Weiner said.

Weiner swears, although he relapsed last year with three women, it's all over now.

"These things are behind me 100 percent," he said.

"There's not any kind of online relationship now?" I asked.

"No. Nothing now. Certainly, nothing now," Weiner insisted.

Weiner says his wife Huma, who works for Hillary Clinton, has been aware of everything all along and still supports his run. But he admits the last couple of weeks have been horrible for her.

"I've been stunned at how some people have been very mean to Huma and the idea she's being criticized for working hard to keep this marriage together and being kind to me. She's a decent person. She did nothing wrong. She didn't deserve any of this," Weiner said.

The latest polling has Weiner going from 1st place to 4th. Still, he's in the race to stay. As proof, he took another dig at the frontrunner Christine Quinn.

"I haven't done as much as the other people have done, for example, when I had the opportunity to overturn term limits over the will of the voters. I didn't do that that's true," Weiner said.

He also released a new campaign video Tuesday evening saying he won't quit the race, despite pressure from politicians and newspaper editors.