Boxing club helping new moms lose pregnancy weight

August 8, 2013 2:51:41 PM PDT
There is a new way new moms are losing their post pregnancy pounds and it's working.

You do not want to mess with these moms because trust us, you are going down!

When the New Title Boxing Club opened in Forest Hills Queens, the mid-morning classes filled with neighborhood moms. And suddenly they were losing those stubborn post-pregnancy pounds.

"I changed my eating habits, been coming here 4 times a week. I lost a good 5, 6 pounds," said Biata Fridman.

Liz Bustamante says she tried everything after her second child was born.

"Since I came here 2 and a half months ago I've lost 12 pounds," she said.

It's called the power hour where they say you can burn up to 1000 calories in one hour.

But each of the punching bags weighs in at 110 pounds-- the work out is not easy

"You work at your own pace it's something you build up to, but because it's that high intensity interval training , you're burning you're never really stopping," said James Lloyd, Regional Manager.

The club is open to anyone men and women, and whether you're a parent or not, one of the best benefits of a boxing workout is the stress relief.

And the moms say it's not just about losing weight it's about feeling stronger.

There are boxing gyms and classes all around town, most provide gloves and disposable gloves to wear underneath.

It can be intimidating at first, but don't forget- you can always fake the moves as long as you keep on moving.

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