Mocktails instead of cocktails

August 13, 2013 3:02:33 PM PDT
It's a drink infused with the flavors of the Caribbean, but you won't find any alcohol. It's a mocktail - a healthy approach to enjoying a cocktail and what Tamara Albertini's infusion bar is all about.

DLO is a small spot in Dumbo with just a couple of seats, offering drinks that are organic and juice based like the orange lime zest martini.

"It's the feeling of having a healthy drink without alcohol with the bar experience," Albertini said.

While you may think of rum drinks when you think of the Caribbean, non-alcoholic juice drinks are actually very popular on the islands.

For years, Caribbean inspired juice bars have long found a home in new york. Many have seating and a laid back feel.

While juicing is a huge craze right now, these mom and pop shops have led the way for trendier spots. One spot that combines the two trends is Melvin's Juice Box, part of miss lily's a popular spot for Caribbean food.

Melvin, who's actually a southerner, is about as popular as his concoctions.

"This is our special drink called the rise up," he said.

Catchy names and a chill vibe to enjoy healthy concoctions.

There's plenty of seating, making the experience of getting together over a juice that much more tempting here or elsewhere.