Brazen bike theft in the East Village

August 14, 2013 4:11:40 PM PDT
An unusual bike theft was caught on camera.

The man in the East Village went to great lengths to get the bike, even taking a street sign off that was in his way.

"This is the scene of the crime," said Larry Watson, Percy's Tavern Owner.

It's where Hiram Guzman, seen in a video with his bag of tricks, actually a backpack full of tools, allegedly pulled a fast one Sunday morning.

"His whole act was comedic, it was just fantastic, add Benny Hill music to this video and it would be a huge hit on YouTube," Watson said.

Larry Watson owns Percy's Tavern.

His security cameras caught what essentially is a creative twist on an age-old crime.


Police say in roughly 15 minutes, Guzman zeroed in on a bike on East 13th Street, and using bolt cutters, snapped a chain around one of Larry's tables and pushed it next to a pole.

The 51-year-old then allegedly hopped on the table, removed the sign at the top, lifted the bike up the pole and strolled away.

The crafty crime was carried out as several people walked by.

"You have a good sense of humor. There are too many disasters, life is too short, as Monty Python always says, 'look on the brighter side of life,'" Watson said.

Larry wants folks to pay attention, says other signs in the area are missing, and believes the same thing is happening.

As for the bike, Larry told Eyewitness News as far as he knows, it hasn't been claimed.