Asst. store manager accused of ripping off TJ Maxx

August 14, 2013 2:08:34 PM PDT
An assistant manager at a popular clothing store was busted for stealing thousands of dollars of merchandise.

The TJ Maxx employee was caught in the act ripping off the store.

Authorities say he then sold the discount goods at an even deeper discount at his own boutique in Brooklyn.

He was caught red-handed, loading tons of stolen merchandise into a van.

Authorities say 40-year-old Cornell Poyser, an assistant manager at the TJ Maxx in Oceanside, pulled off a heist so bold you'll wonder how he got away with it, for nearly a year.

Investigators say Poyser would steal everything he could from the TJ Maxx where he worked like clothing, designer handbags, and shoes.

He would then bring them to his no-name store on Church Avenue, where Brooklyn shoppers got quite the bargain.

"And it seemed as though everything was from TJ Maxx, even the racks that were storing the clothing," said Chief Joseph DiBenedetto, Rackets Division Bureau.

Even the sensors from TJ Maxx were still on the items in his satellite store, and why not? He had stolen the equipment that goes with them.

Some of the TJ Maxx price tags were still on items they recovered as well.

So far, about $130,000 worth of merchandise has been recovered.

Poyser is now facing felony charges, including grand larceny.

But in East Flatbush some shoppers said they wished they had a crack at the low, low prices there before it closed down.