Video: Ocelot kitten makes debut at Dallas Zoo

August 15, 2013 4:17:15 AM PDT
Cat lovers are loving the newest resident of the Dallas Zoo.

Lindy, a rare ocelot kitten, was born in June, but she only just recently made her debut in a public exhibit.

Lindy was born to first time parents, father Joquine and mother Milagre on June 26.

Ocelots are solitary animals, so Lindy stays only with her mom. But zookeepers say Lindy's markings are similar to her father's.

Milagre is being a very protective mother, keeping Lindy secluded most of the time.

There are only 30 Brazilian ocelots in zoos around the country, and Lindy is only the third to be born at the Dallas Zoo.

As for how they picked her name, Lindy means beautiful in several different languages.