Egyptian Americans hold demostrations outside UN

August 16, 2013 3:20:13 PM PDT
Outside the Egyptian mission to the UN, demonstrators are condemning the killing of civilians in Egypt and the death of democracy in their county.

Hundreds of Egyptian Americans took to 2nd Avenue by 44th Street Friday night to denounce what is breaking their hearts, all the bloodshed and anarchy in their homeland.

It is a complicated mess. On the one side you have the brutal army which staged a coup last month and which is stomping down on protestors.

The death toll from Wednesday is reported to be more than 600.

Friday, protestors in Egypt called for a day of rage after midday prayers, which resulted in dozens more killed on the streets of Cairo.

Fighting the army is the controversial Muslim Brotherhood. They are criticized as a violent extremist group.

It was their leader Mohamed moraine who was toppled as president last month.

So, to simplify this explosive situation, you have two extreme groups vying for power in a highly unstable region, and that is a recipe for disaster

The U.S. gives more than a billion dollars every year in military aid to Egypt, that's the price we pay for a stable ally in the region.

Except Egypt now is far from stable as the crisis continues to mount.