New Metro-North schedules take effect due to track work

August 19, 2013 3:56:09 AM PDT
Metro-North riders can expect some delays with new train schedules that took effect Monday.

The main point is that riders have actually already been delayed for months, but now the MTA is taking those delays into consideration so that commuters will know exactly when they will arrive.

It all has to do with construction that began on July 1. There was a new timetable then, but on Monday, those times have changed to factor in delays.

In some cases, trains are leaving earlier and arriving later.

The work is taking place over a six-mile stretch between the Woodlawn and Melrose sections of the Bronx.

Workers are doing track work, which causes them to shut down one or two of the four tracks. As a result, there are speed restrictions, and workers can only let so many trains through at the same time.

Metro-North officials decided on the new timetable so that riders have at least a more predictable understanding of when their trains will arrive.

"It is so important to get this work done," Metro-North president Howard Permut said. "And it is important that we have a train schedule that we can reliably tell people that you will get here at a certain time."

Still, many commuters expressed frustration at the delays, which are expected to continue with the repair work into the fall.