Upper West Side condos to have rich and poor entrances?

August 19, 2013 6:37:31 PM PDT
A condo controversy on the Upper West Side before the building has even opened its doors.

A 33-floor luxury condo slated for construction on Riverside Boulevard at 61st street will include 5 floors of affordable housing, giving its developer millions in air rights and tax breaks.

But those low-income residents will reportedly use separate entrances and elevators.

Some community board members are outraged and want the city to intervene.

Condo owners will buy into spectacular views along the Hudson, but those who rent more affordable apartments will not even be able to enter the building from the riverfront.

"Why should all the people who are working class be segregated to one part of this building, and have the wealthy condo owners in another part," said state Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal.

She says she will oppose the benefits that would be due to the developer just for including affordable housing.

The developer, Extell, said "Many factors go into the design of a building, including efficiency, cost, and financeability, especially when the units are permanently affordable, which is the case here. The goal we will deliver on is filling a neighborhood need by adding high quality affordable residences in a beautiful neighborhood."