Fitwalker class puts your body in motion

August 21, 2013 3:21:20 PM PDT
Christian Castano is revved up about the fitwalker. It looks like a treadmill, but there's no motor instead your body gets it to move.

"It allows you to do a variety of movements using only your own body weight it does not restrict you to one movements, right back on the tread," Castano said.

At superstar gym in TriBeCa, they're offering group classes on the fitwalker.

"Regular treadmills are really boring stuff. Dancing moves, whole body, completely different experience," Castano said.

While there's plenty of walking on the fitwalker, the cardio ramps up because of the choreography, which includes leg lifts, squats, jogging, and moves that take you on and off the device.

You can burn 700 calories in one of the advanced classes, Castano said. It's harder when you increase the resistance and there's also the incline, up and down. Those hills are killer.

Even though this is a walking device, you can still get a workout for your abs and triceps. It's the kind of workout you can't get walking outside or on a conventional treadmill

"You're using your strength your body. It's a lot harder," Castano said.

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