Survey finds New York seen as nation's most rude state

August 21, 2013 5:03:44 PM PDT
Ok, so maybe New Yorkers are known to be in a rush and at times lack patience.

But a new survey finds the rest of the country sees New York as the most arrogant and rude state in the country.

However it also found the Empire State has some redeeming qualities.

"State of mind, baby, all a state of mind. What are you looking at?", said one typically blunt New Yorker we spoke with.

"I could be rude, sure," said Wayne Colasanto. "Get that microphone out of my face and you'll see rude."

And there's more dubious recognition. According to the poll by Business Insider, New York was tops in the United States for having the most arrogant people, followed by California and Texas.

"Why, because we're aggressive? That's what it's all about, being aggressive," said Livio Odoraei.

"I could see where the perception might come into play because New York is known as the greatest city in the world and to anyone on the outside, that seems like a pompous statement," said Augie Difeo.

The results weren't all bad, as New York was picked as having the best food.

We also have the best sports fans, and yes, the worst sports fans. Which goes to show: we're just misunderstood.

"It could seem harsh, because we're very quick about things," said Stefania Cerini. "I think we just operate at a different pace."

Georgia was picked as the state with the nicest people, California was picked as the favorite state in the union, and Texas the least favorite. But New Jersey didn't rate.

"I think New York is full of love and happiness, and we have a good time here in New York," said Anthony Ferraro.

And we're never rude.

"Where'd you get that tie from, is that a hand-me down?", Colasanto asked me. But not in a rude way.