Tombstones rise along the shore in Copiague

August 22, 2013 2:24:56 PM PDT
How did huge granite headstones end up on a rocky shoreline in Copiague? That's the question that residents are asking.

"First day I got here. I looked over and was like 'Look tombstones! Oh look, another tombstone.' And then four or five tombstones later I was getting more and more confused," Seaford resident Chris Blahoginis said.

Some of them are almost fully intact. They're too heavy for anyone to lift or for the water to carry in.

Chris Savino helped alert us about them.

"I just found it interesting that they were there," he said.

Well, so did we. We were able to decipher one name -- Andranik Grigorian. He died in 1986. We tracked his burial site to a cemetery in Queens.

The cemetery gave us a picture showing a new memorial at his grave site. They said a family member died in 2003 and wanted to be buried in the same place, requiring a new headstone.

But that still didn't answer the question how the tombstones ended up on Long Island.

We think we have solved the mystery. The town of Babylon says these headstones have been here for 3 years because it was 3 years ago when they realized they had to shore up this coastline. They went to local monument companies and asked them if they had any discarded headstones they could donate.

The town believes Superstorm Sandy washed away so much of this shoreline that now we can see them.