Long Island couple engaged in air speaking out

August 22, 2013 2:08:37 PM PDT
An update on a local marriage proposal that went viral.

A young pilot instructor proposed to his girlfriend mid flight during a lesson.

The ring is elegant but the story behind just as precious.

Jessica Rispoli thought it was going to be another fun day of learning how to fly when she joined her boyfriend at Long Island Macarthur Airport.

Her boyfriend Mike Nelson, is a flight instructor, but on this day he had a secret up his sleeve. Love was in the air, literally.

Rispoli first got suspicious when she stepped into plane and saw go pro cameras set up.

Rispoli had her suspicions, but wasn't sure what to expect as they took off. When they reached a safe altitude, Nelson had her go through her flight check list. She quickly spotted something new had been added. At the bottom of the list, it said to look inside the provided pouch.

"I just started laughing, it was really crazy, kept saying in my head is this really happening," she said.

Mike was just as happy and wanted to make it really special. "Jessica really means a lot to me, she is very special, she deserves a special proposal."

When Mike and his new fiancé touched down at MacArthur, they were greeted with a salute from members of the Macarthur Airport Fire Department, where Nelson is a volunteer EMT.

LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saoaxdxeloy