Contribute to children's college funds online

August 22, 2013 3:02:03 PM PDT
Many parents start saving for their children's college education early.

Now, there's a website to help get a leg up and make it easier.

Parents are the primary contributors to their child's college saving plan, but one New Yorker who wanted to give to his godchild's fund, found the process to be cumbersome, so he created a site that allows for seamless giving.

"She's very, very inquisitive always wanting to do something new," said Adesuwa Ighodaro, mother.

Adesuwa Ighodaro knows her girls are bright.

"She knows a lot more than she gives off," Ighodaro said.

Adesuwa hopes that instead of toys, her family and friends invest in her little ones' educations so the 529 college savings funds she's established for Anjoola and Arinola are linked with a site called

"The gift of giving a college education is priceless at this point," said Marcos Cordero, of

Or just about.

"The cost of college has gone up 500% no other has gone up so much so it's more important than ever to save early and often so gradsave makes it easy to do that," Cordero said.

Marcos Cordero's allows friends and family to contribute directly to a child's 529 fund.

Only credit card contributions carry a fee of 3%, otherwise gradsave is free for contributors and parents.

With a four-year private college expected to cost $300,000 in 18 years, every dollar and contribution counts.

"Parents can designate a college saving team the inner circle, vested interest in seeing that child go to college," Cordero said.

Gradsave can send that inner circle emails and alerts on birthdays and other special days in the child's life, and if the giving starts early, that college bill will be less of a burden.

Again it's free to use and so far 80% of users are parents with children who are newborns to 6 months in age.

Gradsave works with any 529 plan in the country.

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