911 call released in murder of Paterson teen

August 22, 2013 3:15:41 PM PDT
For the first time, a riveting 911 call to save the life of a teenager from Paterson, New Jersey who was shot and killed hours after graduating high school, has been released.

In a tragic twist, two of his friends who made the frantic call are now charged with his murder.

Was he a panicked witness or as prosecutors say planning a cover up?

Keep in mind this teenage caller had just witnessed a shooting at point blank range.

You can hear the dispatcher getting frustrated as he was trying to help police catch the gunman and gets conflicting answers throughout the entire conversation on what the witness, now murder suspect, saw or didn't see.

"(Did you see the person who did it?), No I didn't, he held a gun to the car," said Casey Cole, victim.

Three separate times in the 911 call, Casey Cole insists he didn't see the shooter who put a bullet in the neck of his friend Isaac Rinas a few hours after the Wayne High School student graduated.

The 18-year-old accused of setting up Rinas to get robbed during an alleged gun buy in Paterson changes the subject instead of answering questions.

"Isaac put pressure on it, you've got to get somebody here right now," Cole said in the call.

The 18-year-old friend of the victim is charged with murder along with two Paterson men in the death of Rinas, a popular football player.

Prosecutors say Cole arranged for Rinas to get robbed on June 27th.

You can listen as he waffles back and forth, first saying he didn't see where the gunman went, then giving a street address. The calm caller also insists he didn't see what the shooter was wearing before providing a description.

The shooter and another accomplice were apprehended, the suspects are charged with conspiracy robbery and murder.

They got $350 from Rinas, who bled to death on the street in Paterson.