Taxi driver in Midtown crash speaks out

August 23, 2013 3:17:06 PM PDT
The taxi driver who pinned a British tourist with his out-of-control cab on Tuesday held a news conference to say he was sorry outside the hospital where the victim was recovering.

This, as the Taxi and Limousine Commission moved to yank the young driver's license.

Midtown cabbie Mohammad Himon walked timidly before cameras Friday, flanked by the New York Taxi Federation.

The cab driver was not too afraid to defend himself after the terrible incident this week on 6th Avenue that left young British tourist Sian Green with a severed leg.

"Actually it's not my fault, it's just accident," Himon said.

Just an accident he says, right outside Bellevue Hospital where Green is still upstairs recovering.

The point of the news conference was to point the finger at the bike messenger Kenneth Olivo who was fighting with Himon seconds before the cabbie drove up onto the sidewalk.

Who's really to blame really depends on who you ask.

Olivo on Tuesday night said, "He was coming for me."

"He's a criminal, he's been arrested 22 times, he has an arrest sheet of 22 arrests. Now, who do you believe?" said Fernando Mateo, of the New York Taxi Federation about Olivo.

Meanwhile, The Taxi and Limousine Commission is not wanting to take any chances and Friday, suspended Himon's license for the next 30 days, because Himon already had 7 points on it.

"After 30 days his license is reinstated, unless there's something that's happened in the interim that justifies further action," said David Yassky, TLC Commissioner.

As to whether Himon has any remorse, most definitely, he says after the crash, he will never forget.

"Actually I very, very sorry about that. I always pray for her and her family. If I do something, I'm going to do for her, I'm going to always pray for her. I wish her good luck," Himon said.