New Jersey family learns daughter still alive after wrong burial

August 24, 2013 9:03:59 PM PDT
Dave Minney of Trenton remembers the terrible moments when he was told that his 50-year-old daughter Sharolyn had been found dead after she had been reported missing from her West Philadelphia home on July 18th.

"I had to call my wife and give her the sad news on the phone our daughter was dead," said Dave.

The August 3rd funeral at a chapel near Trenton was followed by a burial, but it turns out the woman they had laid to rest was not actually Sharolyn. 13 days after the funeral, there was news from Sharolyn's son Travis that his mom was alive.

"You know, you just get used to the fact that she's dead and Travis tells us she is alive," said Dave.

Sharolyn had suddenly appeared at a mental health treatment facility in Philadelphia.

"We were happy our child was alive, unhappy for the parents of the person that was buried," Dave adds.

Philadelphia officials say they have no idea who the buried person is. She is a Jane Doe who had been found dead in Philadelphia. Her body was signed out of the medical examiner's office as being Sharolyn.

Officials noted that proper procedures were followed by a social worker who knew Sharolyn and Travis, who identified the body based on a black and white photo.

"When he went there they showed him a black and white picture and it looked like her," Dave says.

City officials say they now plan to exhume the body, hoping to identify her.