Best time to shop for Back to School gear

August 26, 2013 2:13:39 PM PDT
With the back-to-school retail season stretching longer, when is the best time to shop? It depends what you're buying, and some deals don't stop when kids head back to class.

We've got the scoop on deals yet to come, and tips to note for next year.

Much like the holiday retail season, back-to-school shopping has adopted some seasonal creep.

We noticed this year, in 2013, back-to-school promotions started earlier than ever. Retailers started promotions, deals, sales, even before the fourth of July, which is really shocking to many people.

So when is the best time to shop? Waiting to buy certain trendy clothes and shoes - may mean missing out.

If your kids are asking for something specific, especially if it's tied to a hot summer movie, i would urge parents to get those things early so they don't sell out.

For basic supplies, however, the best deals may be yet to come.

Buy enough in August or July to get your child through the first couple months of the school year, and then look for sort of the rest to beef up your inventory in September, and even after that, in October.

Take time to research big-ticket items like electronics.

Do your comparison shopping early and online, and know that the season is a long season, so know that you do have some time.

And despite the ease of online shopping, retailers may still have surprises in store.

Stores are going to be doing a lot of interesting things to incentivize the consumer to come into the store and then push them all the way through the register. So that we will see some interesting trends there for back to school and very much so in the holiday season as well.