New Tappan Zee Bridge construction noisy for residents

August 26, 2013 2:23:40 PM PDT
There are construction concerns in Rockland County where work on the new Tappan Zee Bridge is about to get very loud.

Workers will begin putting in new pilings to build a new construction platform.

"It's heaven on earth," a resident said.

But heaven is about to get a lot noisier.

The loud noise is the sound folks living on the waterfront in Nyack will wake up to on Thursday.

Right now, the noise is coming from a site on the Westchester side of the Tappan Zee Bridge.

Crews are building a 1,200 foot temporary construction platform.

Monday, crews on the Rockland side began working on an identical structure.

"I heard they're doing it from 7 to 7, that's nuts," one resident said.

Yes on weekdays and starting at noon on Saturday.

People at Salisbury Point already have an idea of how life will soon change.

Test piles sit right next to the complex. Crews have been driving them into the ground for some time, and the sound is identical to what will fill the air later this week.

"I couldn't stay here if it is to continue," a resident said.

The trestles are a crucial part of this $3.9 billion project, allow crews to work on the new bridge from the water.

Steps have been taken to try to lessen the noise like vibrating the piles into the river bottom first.

A deal is also on the table to switch out windows and doors with soundproof versions.