Arrest made in murder of Brooklyn store owner

August 27, 2013 7:48:38 PM PDT
Police arrested a man in the fatal shooting of a Brooklyn store owner.

If Robert Bullock feels any remorse over Monday's killing, he has a funny way of showing it.

"Robert, do you have anything to say?" Eyewitness News reporter Josh Einiger asked.

"*Expletive* my *expletive*," Bullock said.

Police say Bullock is the man in black in the surveillance video, obtained exclusively by Eyewitness News.

The video depicts him nonchalantly riding his bike past several storefronts on New Lots Avenue, eventually resting it on a graffiti covered gate.

After standing around a bus stop for eight minutes, he walked out of frame and into the New Attitude Variety Store, where cops say he gunned down Mohammed Bilal, a young father of a two-month-old girl.

"Anybody who can take somebody's life, they need to be caught. We don't want to be living in a society where somebody can just come into your place of business and just take your life like that," Bilal's coworker said.

A coworker says Bullock was trying to rob Bilal, but panicked and the gun went off, hitting the 32-year-old in the chest.

Then, the armed assailant raced out of the store, jumped on his bike and fled.

The entire encounter took just 27 seconds.

Bullock denied killing Bilal.

His own mother was there, to see cops cart him away.

"My son is a good guy. He's a very good guy," the suspect's mother said.

"So why did they arrest him?" Einiger asked.

"You all got the wrong person," his mother said.