Video: Snow leopard cub debuts at Bronx Zoo

August 27, 2013 7:23:11 AM PDT
The Bronx Zoo is debuting a snow leopard cub sired by Leo, the animal that became famous when he was rescued as an young orphaned cub from the high mountains of northern Pakistan.

Leo has been serving as an ambassador for Pakistan at the Bronx Zoo since 2006, when a ground-breaking agreement between the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the United States brought Leo to New York City.

Now, Leo's cub, his first, was born on April 9 to mother Maya.

The male cub has not yet been named.

"The rescue of Leo as a cub, conducted by two nations, the continued global interest in him, and now the story of his first offspring shows the power of the connections between humans and nature," zoo director Jim Breheny said.

The birth of Leo's first cub has received welcoming comments from the United States and Pakistan governments. The statements emphasize the positive influence wildlife and conservation can have in the world of diplomacy between nations.

Leo was discovered as a young cub in 2005. He could not be returned to the wild because he did not have the opportunity to learn essential survival skills from his mother.