Group of Wayne friends leave money for goods at unattended store

August 27, 2013 3:56:35 PM PDT
A group of friends from William Paterson University are being praised after they were seen leaving money for items they took in an unattended store all caught on camera.

And for all the right reasons, four friends, Jelani Bruce, Anthony Biondi, Thomas James and Kelle Gallimore showed a lesson in honesty caught on security cameras.

The video shows them entering Buddy's Small Lots store in Wayne, never thinking it was closed for the day.

"I thought it was open, because I opened the door and it was wide open," said Bruce.

So Jelani led the way down the stairs to start shopping.

So when they finally realized that nobody was in the store, they just decided to take the products and leave the money on the counter.

"The lock just didn't take place," said Director of Operations, Marci Lederman.

And to prove they were paying you could see on the surveillance cameras, Kelle waving the money for an audio cable he was buying.

Then Thomas bought batteries. He waved his money at the camera too.

Earning these young men high praise from Lederman

"It just made me feel so good, you guys are just good guys, I want to call your moms," said Marci Lederman, Director of Operations.

Instead, the guys got a shopping spree and this time, they didn't have to pay.