Canadian woman steals bike back from thief

August 28, 2013 3:55:38 AM PDT
A woman in Vancouver is being hailed as a local hero for stealing her bike back from the person who stole it from her.

Kayla Smith's bicycle was stolen from a bike rack last week.

She reported it to police, but then a friend told her she saw an ad on Craigslist for a similar bike.

Kayla looked up the listing and thought it was her bike, so she arranged a meeting with the seller in a McDonald's parking lot.

Further inspection confirmed it was her stolen bike, and she asked the thief if she could take it for a test ride.

He agreed, and she rode it to a friend in a waiting car.

"I danced like as if I had just scored a touchdown in the NFL, honestly," she said.

Authorities said they were thrilled she got her bike back, but they recommend calling police in a similar situation.

"Bike theft is huge in Vancouver, and people work really hard for their bikes," Smith said. "And how dare you steal what I worked so hard to buy? I mean, I'm a bartender. I slinged a lot of beer for this."

Smith says she won't be locking up her bike outside anymore and plans to keep her rescued ride close from now on.