Video shows driver making it around Manhattan in 24 minutes

September 3, 2013 1:24:33 PM PDT
Police want to know who is behind a video where the driver claims to have set the record for the fastest loop around Manhattan in just 24 minutes.

The driver had to break a few laws to accomplish it.

It took place on the FDR drive heading downtown on August 26th.

While most in Manhattan were fast asleep, the person behind the wheel of the BMW was driven to break a record do the fastest loop around the island.

With a camera strategically placed on the dash, this dare devil dangerously bobs and weaves through traffic.

This video, which on you tube is sped up, maybe fun to watch but is clearly illegal.

It's not only catching the eyes of thrill seekers but the police commissioner.

"We've seen this before, people have put these videos up. We've taken enforcement action as a result," he said. Kelly added though he wasn't aware of this particular video.

Others have done the identical loop and posted their videos online.

In 2001, someone did this same stunt in 27 minutes, in 2010, yet another driver in 26 minutes.

You can watch the video on YouTube below.