Car jumps curb, injures 7 people in Crown Heights

September 5, 2013 8:22:55 PM PDT
A car jumped a curb and injured several people in Crown Heights.

Witnesses captured video of the frantic and horrifying scene.

A black Hyundai and white Infiniti collided on busy Eastern Parkway at Kingston Avenue just before 7 p.m. Thursday. The white SUV hoped the curb and hit at least three pedestrians.

"I saw three people on the ground. One lady had her leg off, foot. The guy in the white car was bleeding from the head; they were trying to suppress his head. The other lady kept trying to sit up. It was just a tragic scene, everybody was trying to help each other," said Simone Alleyne, a witness.

Seven people were hurt, one woman had head injuries and was injured critically, another woman had her leg severed and a man suffered head trauma as well and were listed in serious condition. The two women were visiting from Israel. The four other injured people were all inside of the vehicles. Two people suffered minor injuries and went to the hospital.

Two other people refused medical attention.

A man saw the accident and explained to Eyewitness News in French who he thinks is at fault.

"The black car take the red light. The white car have the green light. And then the white car went to the pole light," said the man (translation).

As they looked at the crushed cars, residents explained that this is an incredibly dangerous intersection, and a spot they try their best to avoid.

"It's hard to cross the street. Traffic is so quick. I see people texting. It's very dangerous. There are a lot of kids in this area and people shouldn't be driving fast," said Morris Caple, a resident.