Women caught on camera stealing disabled boy's wagon in Belmar

September 6, 2013 3:53:42 AM PDT
Two heartless young women are wanted for stealing a wagon from the yard of a disabled little boy in Belmar, and the entire incident was caught on camera.

Six-year-old Alex Bean can't walk or speak because of a neurological condition called cerebellar hypoplasia, but he makes his feelings known. And after his prize mode of transportation was stolen, his parents know exactly what's on his mind.

"I think he'd be mad," dad Jim Bean said. "I think he wants his wagon back. It's a little kid toy, come on."

The surveillance video shows one of the women hurling the red wagon over the Bean's white picket fence.

"We use it every single day," mom Tracy Bean said. "It's really Alex's only mode of transportation."

The Beans have two surveillance cameras, one near the front door and another near the far end, which caught the entire theft on video.

First, Two women are seen opening up the Bean's front gate.

The second angle shows the red wagon going over the fence. And then a woman in white shorts runs out of the yard.

Bean, also a city councilman, feels helpless.

"I drove the neighborhoods all yesterday and the day before, it's gone," he said. "Wherever it is, it's nowhere to be found."

Police are investigating what may seem like a petty theft to some, but for this family, the wagon was priceless. Alex is using his wheelchair to get around for now.

"The wheelchair is so handicapped, you know," Jim Bean said. "You look at my son, he's handicapped, he's in a wheelchair. When he's in the wagon, he's a little more normal, you know? He's looking around, he's not strapped in, sitting up tight."

The family is asking the women simply to bring back the wagon and apologize.