Sandy Kenyon's Review: 'Riddick'

September 6, 2013 1:41:48 PM PDT
He helped lead 'Fast and Furious 6' to the top of the box office charts earlier this summer.

Now, Vin Diesel is back with the third film in his 'Riddick' series.

Diesel has had a passion to play this character again after 'The Chronicles of Riddick' failed nearly a decade ago, but I think he should have let the franchise die after the last one.

Fans of the franchise and anyone who enjoys playing the video games featuring 'Riddick' will not care that I was bored out of my skull watching the third in a series, which proves to be one too many except for die-hard fans.

Diesel is a flavor of the month again in Hollywood, thanks to the 'Fast and Furious' series, which is so much more entertaining than this tired tale about the Lord Marshall of the 'Necro-Mongers', who just wants to go home.

Instead, he is tricked by his enemy, and finds himself on a very dangerous planet.

I couldn't always understand his mumbling, but I do know this is Vin's vanity project because he faces danger by himself for most of the first half an hour, just to make sure you know this is all about him!

But why should you pay so he can preen?

Eventually, Riddick sends out a distress call that draws bounty-hunters looking for him: two competing groups, which make for what passes for fun here, though it's definitely R rated, gory fun.

The big IMAX screen magnified this film's many flaws.

One consolation? At least it wasn't lame in 3D.

Vin Diesel kicked off the summer in fine fashion when his 'Fast and Furious 6' movie made a quarter of a billion dollars in the U.S. and Canada, another half a billion overseas.

His new one won't do nearly as well.