Queens street renamed for Sandy Hook shooting victim

September 7, 2013 9:33:45 PM PDT
A special honor in Sunnyside, Queens for a 6-year old boy killed in last December's Sandy Hook school shootings.

A ceremony was held Saturday to name the intersection of Queens Boulevard and 41st Street after Benjamin Wheeler.

He was born in Sunnyside, and his family lived there before moving to Newtown, Connecticut.

Wheeler was one of 20 children killed in the shootings.

Last April, his mother filled in for President Obama during the weekly radio and Internet address to make a personal plea from the White House for action to combat gun violence.

"Thousands of other families across the United States are also drowning in our grief," said Francine Wheeler, choking back tears in the address. "Please help us do something before our tragedy becomes your tragedy."

Francine Wheeler was the first person to deliver the address other than Obama or Vice President Joe Biden since the two took office in 2009.

Her husband, David Wheeler, sat silently next to her as she made the recording in the White House Library. Both wore the small green pins that have become a symbol of the shooting.