Emotionally disturbed man forces shutdown of Route 46

September 8, 2013 8:25:47 PM PDT
The bomb squad was called in to investigate as police evacuated residents and shut down Route 46 in Ridgefield Park.

After a robot couldn't do the job, a bomb technician had to take a closer look, and make the determination that the device inside the vehicle was a novelty item.

The incident started around 3 on Sunday afternoon, when a 28-year-old man flagged down officers. The man claimed his car had been broken into, but police could not find any signs of a break-in.

Investigators say the man was emotionally disturbed. He refused to leave his vehicle, and that is when officers observed the unusual device, which looked like a grenate.

"Initially they spoke to him through an open window, but shortly thereafter, his behavior became increasingly irrational and paranoid," said Ridgefield Park Police Department Captain Dan Hippe, "He rolled his window up, he barricaded himself inside the car, and he refused to exit. He also made references to devices, and stated that he had swallowed a microchip."

At that point, officers determined that the man was a danger to himself and others. Police had to use pepper spray to subdue him, and take him into custody. The man was transported to the local hospital where he is currently being evaluated.