Queens man brutally beaten in random bus attack speaks out

September 10, 2013 3:57:17 AM PDT
He is laughing about it now, but not much is funny about what happened to "Ken," an aspiring actor from Astoria.

"My nose was broken in two places - I have two stiches, my eye was closed," said Ken.

Last Saturday, Ken crossed paths with a man on a Westbound M-60 bus on 125th Street.

"A gentleman asked me for directions, 'does the bus stop at 116?', so I went to ask the driver," Ken says, "I was passing through the bus and there was a gentleman staring at me."

Ken says the man used an anti-white slur, and asked why he was in his face.

"I told him I wasn't in his face, and it was a crowded bus, and he just attacked me," adds Ken.

First, the man sucker punched Ken between the eyes, then landed 7 or 8 more blows with a closed fist before he ran off the bus.

"I'm just like, 'wow, this really hurts', I could feel my nose break, and there was blood gushing all over," Ken says.

The onboard camera system captured images of the suspect, who vanished before police could find him. Police are now investigating this as a possible hate crime, and Ken is hoping that someone comes forward to get the suspect off of the street.

"He seemed like he was out of his mind to be honest, he seemed a little deranged," says Ken, "I don't know if he was in prison before, or a mental patient, but he seemed very angry like he wanted to hurt somebody."