Yonkers student mistakenly put on bus on first day of school

September 10, 2013 2:47:17 PM PDT
A Yonkers mother is relieved to have her 4-year old safe and sound after a frightening mixup on the first day of school.

Angela Maldonado walked her son Daren to prekindergarten Monday morning at School 23. But when she retured to pick him up in the afternoon, she discovered he was missing.

When she asked where her son was, the teacher said she didn't have a student named Daren in her class.

It turned out he had been mistakenly put on a bus by the teacher. The parents believe the teacher had mistaken Daren for another child, named Eric, who takes the bus.

Daren was sent home with a folder that had the name Eric on it.

After no one picked him up at any of the bus stops, Daren was taken to the Board of Education office.

After hours of frantically searching for him, Maldonado was re-united with her son.

She says she debated whether or not to send her son back to the school Tuesday, but she did, after meeting with the teacher and principal.