Sandy-devastated area to rebuild again after fire

September 13, 2013 11:08:45 AM PDT
Many people in Seaside Park are still rebuilding from the damage caused by Superstorm Sandy, and for them this boardwalk fire is utterly devastating.

"This is a knockout punch, this is devastating," said a resident.

There's No other way to describe it.

The physical devastation is obvious.

It has caused emotional agony for those who live here and love this place, it is almost beyond words.

"I said I don't believe it. I said Seaside again after Sandy, it's devastating," said Eddie Crowley, a resident.

"All the work that goes into restoring the shore, all the money, then bam it's gone," said Mark Falzarano, a resident.

Mark Falzarano and Eddie Crowley have been tearing down and rebuilding homes for months.

Watching the boardwalk and all the businesses on it burn, was nothing short of a kick in the gut the men said.

Work crews just completed repairs to the boardwalk destroyed by storm waters just before Memorial Day, and now this.

"I feel like I want to throw up. After all the effort and resources to help the people of Seaside Heights and Seaside Park rebuild, to see this going on is unthinkable," Governor Chris Christie said.

It's been almost a year since Superstorm Sandy. Mike Carbone owns the Beachcomber where Eyewitness News reported from that day.

"My friends are all gone. I did more praying today than in years," Carbone said.

Firefighters had to drag him out of his building, so they could save it.

You'd think he'd be beyond consolation, but what Eyewitness News found was an unexpected optimism.

"Seaside is Jersey strong. Do we have a choice? Do we have a choice? This is where we make our home, where we feed our children. You know what we will come back bigger we will come back better," Carbone said.

Others are not so sure.

"It hurts everybody in this town, the county, Toms River, everybody. The whole state of New Jersey," said Tom King, a resident.