PSE&G worker burned in New Jersey; outages continue

September 13, 2013 9:47:33 AM PDT
A PSE&G worker is hospitalized Friday after he was burned while trying to restore service following heavy storms Thursday night in New Jersey.

The worker was repairing electric lines early Friday in Livingston when he suffered severe burns.

The utility company says that luckily, the man did not come in direct contact with the energized power line. But there was some sort of flash between the two, which caused a small fire.

He was taken to University hospital in Newark, where he is recovering.

At the height of the outages, 20,000 residents were without power.

In parts of Randolph, New Jersey, power remained out on Friday morning. The storm's strong winds brought down a power line that caught on fire and burned for an hour

"It was just sparking away like crazy, and then the tree fell after, and then another and that's what blocked the road and here we are," Marty Epstein of Marty's Reliable Cycle said.

Marty's Reliable Cycle will be working by daylight until the power is restored.

"Maybe we'll hook up some portable lights. I don't know what we're going to do because we have power downstairs maybe run some lines and do the best we can," Epstein said.

Crews in Randolph have been working to repair those damaged wires.

People have their generators going waiting for the lights to come back on. They have no idea when that will happen.

"At least give us a response. Tell us when you're going to come, how long is it going to be an estimated time of completion, but so far we haven't gotten any response from anybody so we don't know what's going on," Andrea Duda of Randolph said.