Local military facilities on alert after DC shooting

September 16, 2013 3:30:56 PM PDT
Local military bases are typically under tight security.

The situation in Washington, DC now certainly has officials in military facilities in the New York and New Jersey area on alert.

Checking identification cards is standard procedure at McGuire-Fort Dix.

The people who work at the base, and live in the community, told Eyewitness News they depend on the soldiers at the gate to keep them safe.

"It definitely does raise a lot of concern," said a Wrightstown resident.

"I feel bad, it's just awful," another resident said.

The base is used for maintenance and training for the U.S. Air Force, as well as the Army and the Navy.

Some 44,000 servicemen and women live on and around McGuire-Ft. Dix.

Monday night, a spokeswoman for the installation tells Eyewitness News that no specific directive has yet been issued regarding security there.

Although everyone on the base is being reminded to be vigilant and to report any suspicious activity.

"Here? Security is already at 100% so I don't know what else they can do other than make your walk right into the post which wouldn't bother me any," said another Wrightstown resident.