Jarring LIRR safety ads urge drivers to wait for the gate

September 17, 2013 5:08:29 AM PDT
The Long Island Rail Road's new safety campaign is relying on shock to drive home its message.

Although what you see in the ad is not real, it's still quit jarring.

The 15-seccond public service ad is called "Wait for the Gate."

The campaign warns drivers and pedestrians of the deadly consequences of ignoring the flashing crossing gates.

The voice-over warns: "Cars can stop on a dime, trains can't ... Please wait for the gate."

The accident was simulated, but an image of a mangled vehicle at the end of the video was taken from a fatal January crash in Brentwood. Police believe the driver was distracted by her phone.

The videos are posted on YouTube and will include six billboards near LIRR stations.

Six people have been killed by trains this year.