Murdered homeless man in Hoboken was father, grandfather

September 18, 2013 3:23:10 PM PDT
The ex-wife of a man viciously attacked and killed in New Jersey is revealing new and disturbing information about his life.

The people in the surveillance video are the people police want to talk to about the man found dead on 3rd Street in Hoboken.

"Eric and I met in High School," Tracy said.

Tracy wants us to just use her first name, and she wants everyone to know who Eric Santiago was.

"He was very well loved. And although he is always identified the homeless man from Hoboken, he wasn't homeless very long," Tracy said.

He was for about a year now.

But last week, Eric was attacked from behind and killed on the sidewalk.

Since then, the Hudson County Prosecutors Office had been looking for the people responsible.

"Please we need closure we need justice to be served," Tracy said.

High School sweethearts, they got married and had a baby.

Eric was promising gymnast and break-dancer.

But one day back in 1986 while visiting a friend, there was an unnerving, ironic, coincidence.

"Somebody came from behind they grabbed him and started to slam his head against the floor," Tracy said.

The beating was so bad that Eric slipped into a coma.

He would eventually wake up, but he would never be the same. He had brain damage.

They divorced, but over the years, Tracy kept in touch and made sure Eric was part of their son's life.

"My husband and I always brought them up on weekends. Him, his mother, and his sister," Tracy said.

But a year ago Eric lost his apartment, and last week, there was the vicious attack.

This time he would not escape death.

He was a father, a grandfather, and a devoted son.

Tracy says she is certain that someone out there knows who did this.

"I'm begging you. From my son, from my granddaughter, from me and everybody close to him, please call this in," Tracy said.