Passenger locks cab driver in trunk

September 20, 2013 2:52:22 PM PDT
On Thursday morning, a livery cab driver picked up a fare, and started heading to the Bronx.

The male passenger in the cab then pulled out a gun, and told the driver they were heading to Albany. He stole the driver's cell phone and money and then told the driver to pull off at Exit 23 on the Saw Mill River Parkway. That's when the passenger told the driver to get out of the car and then locked him in the trunk of the car.

The driver was able to open the trunk using a safety latch, and jumped out of the moving vehicle to find safety as it slowed down. The victim suffered minor injuries.

Police arrested the suspect, 27-year-old Robert Mizell and confiscated the vehicle. Mizell is charged with 2nd Degree Kidnapping, Criminal Use of a Firearm, Criminal Possession of a Weapon.