Patacons at Patacon Pisao in Elmhurst

September 20, 2013 4:04:40 PM PDT
It's called a Patacon. It's a sandwich made with green plantains.

Jonathan Hernandez was born in Venezuela, but grew up in Queens. In high school his mom suggested they start making Patacon.

"My mom just said oh let's open a truck. She did the market research. We implemented in Washington Heights and since then it's been a big hit," Hernandez said.

Then they opened their restaurant Patacon Pisao in Elmhurst. Pisao means flattened and those plantains get flattened before they're deep fried, twice.

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For the pernil filling:

8-10 lbs pork shoulder also known as Pernil
1 big head of garlic
2 tsp. of ground black pepper
1 tsp of salt
2 tsp of adobo
1/2 a cup of worcestershire sauce
1 cup of water

Step 1. Start by pre heating your oven to 350.

Step 2. Wash pernil in cold water. remove skin and place in roasting pot. With a fork stab the all around the pernil a couple of times.

Step 3. Add ground black pepper, salt, adobe and rub all around Perinl.

Step 4. Add water and worcestershire sauce to pernil

Step 5. peel, smash, then dice garlic. Then rub pernil with garlic.

Step 6. turn the pernil round the pan a couple of times so all ingratents are layered all around the pernil.

Step 7. Place pernil in oven for 7 hour while turning pernil around the pot every hour for even flavoring and cooking.

Step 8. When ready let pernil sit for an hour before serving and shredding.

For the Patacon:

Two green plantains. Peel (you'll need to use a knife, they do not peel like bananas)

If you have a tortilla press you can use that, otherwise, you'll struggle to press the green plantain ? you can try pressing it between two heavy pans (use wax paper in between) and then roll it out with a rolling pin.

Let them chill for an hour in the refridgerator then deep fry until golden.

Layer with some of the shredded pernil, plus add lettuce, cheese, and whatever sauce you like. And serve!