Man trying to help woman, pushed on subway tracks

September 20, 2013 8:21:29 PM PDT
A man who came to the rescue of a woman being attacked on a subway platform suddenly became a victim himself.

The suspect turned on the Good Samaritan and tossed him onto the tracks.

"When you look down, it's like you see a long tunnel with a light at the end! It's something out of a movie," said Jered Harvey, a college student.

If you're the kind of person who thinks chivalry is dead, you should meet Jered Harvey.

"I saw a man beating up a woman, and that's really what it came down to for me," Harvey said.

The 19-year-old Pace University student was heading back to his dorm after class Thursday night, at the Fulton Street 2-3 stop, when he happened upon a man and woman in hand to hand combat on the platform.

"They were like gripping each other by their shirts throwing punches at each other's face, this was not a lovers' quarrel, this was like a serious people beating the heck out of each other," Harvey said.

He tried to get them to stop, but that's when cops say the much larger man vaulted him off the platform, and onto the tracks below, and then tried to stop him from climbing back up.

Eventually another straphanger distracted the assailant, and Jered was able to pull himself to safety before a train pulled in.

And the woman he was trying to help, was unharmed.

"I think it's really a testament to how much courage he showed in a situation," said Olivier Busquet, Jered's stepfather, "My takeaway is how thankful I am that nothing worse happened than did. Because it could have been much worse than it was."

It sure could have been, especially because Jered says as many as 20 people on the platform never tried to help him off the tracks.

But he'd do it all again, he says, and he doesn't even have very hard feelings toward the man who almost killed him.

"Even though this guy's dangerous, this is the rest of his life that we're talking about," Harvey said.

Police later arrested 29-year-old Rayfield Grant. He's charged with reckless endangerment and assault.