Refrigerator content and what it means about your personality

September 24, 2013 6:39:37 AM PDT
One local blogger insists what he sees inside one's refrigerator, reveals much more about a person than you realize.

John Stonehill says within 10 seconds of looking in a fridge, he knows what type of person they are.

On his blog,, John goes over countless refrigerators, to find out if that guy or girl you're dating is a lemon or the golden egg.

"If it's all over the place, there's drama going on there," he said.

And what about generic or name brand products, John says that also reveals a lot about you.

"It says she's not spending money on certain things that I like people to spend money on, it doesn't mean she's not for anybody, just not for me," he adds.

Zak and Carri, dating for 5 months, allowed John to check out their refrigerators.

Zak's fridge is large, with water and ice dispensers. He has a bunch of breakfast food but little else.

"What it says is maybe he stays at your place during the week but on weekends maybe you guys are here together," said Stonehill.

"He's spot on with the breakfast thing, we can make breakfast here very easy," said Carri.

Also in the fridge, chocolate syrup and fudgesickles.

"Here's a guy who works hard, is building a career, and at the same time he still has that kid in him, he can still have fun and doesn't take himself too seriously," adds John.

Correct, Zak owns a high end event planning company.

Carri's fridge was packed, a sign John says, that she's nurturing.

John zeroes in on something else here, he says signals, Carri is serious about her beau.

"This girl is clearly giving you shelf space in her fridge which says she is opening up room in her life for you," he said.

And Carri said she could see herself in a long time relationship.

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