City sending letters to taxi drivers with several points

September 24, 2013 2:43:36 PM PDT
New York City officials are blaming a computer glitch for not having important traffic ticket information racked up by cab drivers.

So now, it's sending letters to nearly 4,500 taxi and livery drivers, warning them their licenses could be suspended or revoked.

The problem was discovered after a cab driver with several traffic violations hit and seriously injured a tourist last month in Midtown last month.

"It was a very traumatic accident back in 2004, but since then I was able to get over it," said Christopher Sims, a Staten Island resident.

It has been nearly 10 years since Christopher Sims was in a horrible crash in a yellow cab.

"It wasn't necessarily the taxi's fault in that situation, it was more the driver had fallen asleep," Sims said.

Sadly, that wasn't the case last month when a British tourist was hit by a cab driver.

Sian Green's leg was amputated and it turns out the cabbie had nine points on his driver's license.

The TLC admits because of a computer problem, some drivers fell through the cracks and their drivers' records haven't been checked regularly over the last four years.

"Our job is to weed out the substandard ones, tell them we have to do better and be extra careful, and in some cases get them off the road," said David Yassky, TLC Commissioner.

The review found that nearly 4,000 drivers have more than six points on their driver's license; 2,047 for hired drivers, and 1,847 yellow taxi drivers.

The TLC found that 600 drivers have more than six points and their license will be either suspended or revoked.

"There are some bad cab drivers out there that don't respect other drivers and passengers and there are other good drivers out there who would love the opportunity to drive," said Tommy Nakos, a yellow cab driver.