Back in the Game preview

September 25, 2013 3:39:35 PM PDT
A veteran actor lands back in prime tim in a terrific time slot just before the one hour season debut of "Modern Family" right here on ABC.

James Caan's power as a dramatic actor is beyond question but his new series is a comedy and it might surprise you to learn the star is quite the practical joker.

Caan is Back in the Game again half a century after his career.

First began, this time playing a beer-guzzling ex-ball player who is less than thrilled when his daughter & her son move back in with him.

"We have our moments but they're very short because they're embarrassing. They actually are. We do much better you know getting at one another," he said.

Maggie Lawson's character is a former champion softball player, who now coaches her son's team.

Her dad (Caan) is hardly the best influence.

"Now, listen to me, when you get your shot to pitch, fire as hard as you can and hit that first kid square in the face," he says.

The former athlete is a lot like the veteran star who plays him.

Maggie Lawson met her co-star at her audition.

"I was a little nervous, and he's just like he is right now. He's like being silly and he's messin' with me," she said.

Sandy Kenyon says having known him for decades, he can tell you Jimmy Caan likes 'messin' with people.

Jimmy had his fun and it all ended happily.

"You're beautiful in a different way than just playing baseball really well. There you go Sandy," he said in the interview.

All this is quite mild compared to the time Jimmy attacked Sandy's cameraman - during an interview at his home. It was all in fun - but he's one of those guys who likes to keep you on your toes and wondering what's gonna happen next. He's mellowed but only slightly.

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