Brooklyn man fighting for life after sucker punch

September 25, 2013 8:34:03 PM PDT
There are new details about a shocking attack of a man walking down the street in Brooklyn.

The attack was caught on camera.

The victim's family is calling the attackers heartless.

It is a couple walking down the street together, a man and a woman; the man in a distinctive striped shirt.

As the video cuts to the next camera, you can see the victim, 63-year-old Lauro Ponce walking towards them.

And then watch, one savage punch to the face, Ponce defenseless against it, collapses on the ground as the man in the shirt sifts through his pockets.

It is shocking for anyone to watch, more so for his family.

Lauro Ponce is in Wyckoff Heights Medical Center now fighting for his life. He was walking home on September 14th when he was assaulted near the corner of Star and Knickerbocker.

There was at least one witness, watch the man in the white shirt that walks right by the couple after the crime, and of course there is the woman who does not even react to the crime.

Police are hoping that although the video is grainy, that shirt stands out and maybe someone will have noticed it, and know who wears it, in the neighborhood.