Singer found dead in Long Island parking lot was murdered, police say

September 30, 2013 6:01:14 PM PDT
Police say the death of 59-year old Saundra Simonee, an accomplished soprano found dead last Friday, is being considered a homicide.

Simonee's body had been dumped in a parking lot in a Bay Shore apartment complex. The performer lived on the North Shore in East Norwich.

It took Suffolk County Police several days to identify the victim. According to Simonee's own website, she modeled in her youth, sang all her life, and earned a PhD. Friends say she also taught cosmetology.

At St. Dominic's Roman Catholic church in Oyster Bay, Simonee's voice was one to remember as she filled the sanctuary every week with her gift.

Homicide investigators are still working to figure out who killed Simonee and why.

Eyewitness News is told the victim, a single mother and grandmother, was devoted to her family.

Police have not released the exact cause of death, but investigators say foul play was involved.