Holbrook girl apparently bitten by bat in bathroom

Long Island news from Eyewitness News

October 2, 2013 4:34:41 PM PDT
An 8-year-old girl on Long island and her doctors say she was bitten by a bat at school.

Now her school in the Suffolk County hamlet of Holbrook is investigating.

The wound may be small, but 8-year-old Jessica Wetherell says it sure does hurt.

It's the result she says of a bat that flew at her in the girls' bathroom at Nokomis Elementary school in Holbrook.

"I opened the stall but it went straight into my face, flew that way and then flew up," Jessica Wetherell said.

"When I first called the principle just told me. No, there are no bats here. It couldn't have happened here it must have happened on the playground. It didn't happen here," said Gina Wetherell, Jessica's mother.

The Superintendent of the Sachem School District told Eyewitness News they had not received any reports of bats around the school prior to the incident.

In a statement Jim Nolan said, "We continue to be on guard to see if we can find anything. Our number one priority is the safety of our students and staff."

But Gina Wetherell showed Eyewitness News a video of a bat flying around the Sachem Public Library across the street from the school a month before.

The superintendent says they have brought in a professional to look for evidence of bats. That person has not found anything. In the meantime, Jessica is undergoing a series of rabies shots.